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Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and thus the benefits of learning this language are widespread. From taking DELE exams to simply communicate in the language and enjoy our rich culture.

We have the right place to offer you an interactive environment to learn the language. If you are not in Lima, we can offer you Spanish classes by Skype. We have all the knowledge and material to take you from the level that you are into Spanish competences.

Learning Spanish by Skype from a Spanish speaking country such as Peru or in a class in Miraflores can help improve your self-confidence, show your friends and colleagues that you can adapt to new situations and help set you apart in today's competitive job market or academic fields.
​All our teachers have university degrees and are well trained in teaching Spanish as a second language.  We have been teaching Spanish for a while and our students receive help from our experience as well as a touch of our friendly way of being.

Check upon our prices of One to One lessons:

Our sessions are of 60 minutes contact.

10 +:  US$ 19.99   -     20 +:  US$ 17.99   -    40 +:  US$ 15.99

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