martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

IB Students 2011

Dear IB Students:

Another end of the year has come and Asesoría Educativa and the teachers, are happy to have given you educational support work this year.
Today is a very important day for you. When you will be able to apply all the knowledge you have received in your schools and we have helped to consolidate in  Asesoría Educativa.
I think they I have repeated this precept to all of you "academi
c quality is given by the student" (wise words transmitted by my professor of ethics). So tomorrow you should be sure that you are well prepared and that the knowledge acquired will accompany you forever.
May you obtain the score for which you have prepared so hard all this year.
Thank you for trusting  Asesoría Educativa.
Your teachers care about you and are sure that you all will get your diploma. They are sending you all their strength.

With love,
November 1st , 2011

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